What to fill leylandii hedge gap with temporarily?

Discussion in 'Trees' started by Voobwm, Aug 13, 2019.

  1. Voobwm

    Voobwm Apprentice Gardener

    Oct 12, 2016
    We've had an arsonist in our neighbourhood, lighting fires in leylandii hedges. See attached pic. I am very gutted about this as I do love my tree hedge. My garden also runs along the main road so its an important privacy screen.

    Its too big to replace with a fence, not that I would want to.

    Once the dead trees are removed I will have big gaps looking into my garden and so no privacy for many years until new leylandii grow and fill it.

    I wondered if anyone had ideas what to put behind or in front of the young leylandii to give me privacy for that time. I am reluctant to put a fence up behind it would look weird.

    I have tried buying fake leylandii fence ready for when trees are removedIMG_2023.jpgIMG_2706.jpg , its a sort of christmas tree material, and have put that up but it also looks bad due to it sagging between fence posts. See attached pic.

    Just wondered of anyone knows of a good idea of what I mention above are the best options.

  2. Verdun

    Verdun Passionate gardener

    Oct 16, 2012
    West Cornwall
    Prob as good as anything I could suggest Voobwm:)

    I suggest though enriching the soil before replanting :)

    I am as angry as you are about the scumbag arsonist......hope he/she was caught.

    Once caught the guy who regularly snapped off pieces of plants on the front boundary....to cut a long story short he didn’t do it again!:)

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