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    Feb 9, 2011
    Hi All. I normally have my cannas in pots but in 2020 I planted a few in back border. I decided to do an experiment. I decided rather than dig them up I covered them once cut down with 2 layers of fleece and a plastic bucket on top.

    I was a bit surprised that they survived the frost and grew really tall. This year slightly different experiment. I covered them in 4 layers of fleece and then about 2" 50 mm of old compost. It will be interesting what happens in 2022 if they survive. I put them also in front border which does catch the cold wind more so we will have to wait & see.

    This year I purchased 3 cineria plants from B & M which I believe flower in spring. Once they had finished flowering I cut them down to about 4" 100mm as instructed on the web and I was told they would flower again. One died and the other 2 grew then started flowering. I left them in garden till about last week in November then put them in greenhouse which on cold nights with a small tube heater gets down to about 41F and about 54F during the day. They are still flowering like mad and I am impressed and will buy some more next year.
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