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    Hi Alecras! Welcome to the forum.
    It's good to know the theories of gardening but like in a lot of other areas there are often exceptions to the rules and the theory can really be best regarded as a rough guide to what to expect. While it is true that plant growth slows down in winter there are also exceptions to this as I found in my garden yesterday when I went about the place to do a bit of tidying up and found a number of seedling plants that would normally be called weeds that had recently sprouted and started growing. While winter is not the ideal time for plant growth many plants are opportunistic and if there are leaves fallen from trees and more light in places some plants will see this as their chance to get started and get established before the weather improves and they have more competition.
    Another example of this are the bulbs that flower in late winter like snow drops that I have noticed have already started to shoot up in the garden here and should flower in the next few weeks. Many of these bulbs are adapted to have their active growth phase before the leaves have reformed on deciduous trees. By all means get some books you find nice to read and enjoy them but also try grow some seeds when the weather warms up and learn a bit from trial and error. I found this way of learning about gardening enjoyable and have a number of new plant types to try for the first time again this year.
    Happy gardening!
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