leylandii to screen out Industrial Building HELP PLEASE

Discussion in 'General Gardening Discussion' started by bert, Aug 2, 2005.

  1. bert

    bert Apprentice Gardener

    Aug 1, 2005
    Please help I realise that leylandii are not the most best things to plant, but then again I've just been told a 12 metre high pre-fab is being constructed alongside my house!!!!

    I think that the green fast growing leylandii is the only thing I can use to avoid going insane looking at a metal prefab building.

    The question is due to money consraints I need to start with 1 metre high trees. My question is to get a good screen up to 30-40 feet high how far part should I plant them. I'm not planning on shaping or cutting them just letting them grow. There will be no neighbours to anoy!!!!

    Also on one other boundary I planted a 10 leylandii some three feet apart before I found out how hight the new building is going to be, can I dig these out a couple of months after they were planted and replant wider than three feet if this is what you advise?

    Many Thanks for anyhelp you can give
  2. Fran

    Fran Gardener

    Mar 23, 2005
    I wouldn't use them as a screen in the circumstances you describe at all. Tooo dark and too uniform and too limiting in what you can do in front of it. As I understand it - you are going to have a 12m metal wall alongside your boundary (colour not stated). Me I'd think more breaking it up and turning it into a backdrop by planting different trees, including specimen conifers but giving you the scope to plant in front - and more pleasing to the eye than leylandii on mass - you can get really mature trees and colourful trees if you look around, and as long as you prepare the ground well, should do fine at breaking an eyesore up.

    Sorry - just thinking what I would do faced with that - depending on the closeness to the house.
  3. coed

    coed Apprentice Gardener

    Jul 24, 2005
    Yes I quite agree with Fran,
    Try to add some Silver Birch and evergreens such as Holly or Holme Oak (Quercus ilex )transplants or whips would be ideal as they are quick to establish, may be try some of the cell grown trees from Cheviot Trees as these can be planted now ( if it is not too dry a site )
  4. Marley Farley

    Marley Farley Affable Admin! Staff Member

    May 11, 2005
    Grandmother Gardener Councillor Homemaker
    Under the Edge Zone 8b
    [​IMG] Hi ya Bert,
    Why not get a load of viginia creeper plants & plant then close together, they just romp away. You can get the type that is for brickwork as it is very clingy like ivy , whoops there's another & it's evrgreen [​IMG] both of these would grow equally as fast as leylandii surely. Then plant in front as Fran says.
    You also need to be sure that you are not planting too close to the house or you may suffer foundation damage. If you look in the thread about pruning Sycamore tree bayleaf has a planting distance chart there, but seriously, take a deep breath a minute & consider climbers.
    Russian vine is another quick grower too & it flowers as well. I think climbers a cheaper & nicer alternative for you. I mean you are having to suffer enough with the building going up, try & soften the blow by putting something nice for you to look at there [​IMG] Hope that helps. [​IMG]

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