Sharpening hedge cutter blades

Discussion in 'Tools And Equipment' started by Garden_Monkey, Feb 27, 2010.

  1. Garden_Monkey

    Garden_Monkey Gardener

    Nov 18, 2009
    Hello all.0) Does anyone have any tips for sharpening hedge cutter blades? I've previously always done it with a fine-ish file but it takes a couple of hours to do properly.:snz:

    Last back-end I treated myself ( or so I thought!) to having it done by a local garden machinery service place. Unfortunately they had attacked the first ( an attachment for the top of the strimmer ) with an angle grinder, burning the steel and making it very brittle in places, and had allegedly done the second with a chainsaw file 'very lightly'. So lightly, in fact that it hadn't even taken the old oil and muck off, never mind touched the blade.:(

    Ooh, sorry about that, rant over.Anyway was just wondering if anyone else uses any special tools or techniques. Any tips gratefully accepted.

  2. has bean counter

    has bean counter Gardener

    May 14, 2007
    Find a decent repair shop. Sorry but there are some. Find one where the professionals go.
  3. *spanners*

    *spanners* Apprentice Gardener

    Mar 2, 2010
    Hi Iain,

    Unfortuantely there are very people who will undertake such work these day. Like you have mentioned yourself it takes hours to put an edge back on to hedgecutter blades due to them being hardened steal. Then you have to think about the fact that most reputable repair centres will charge on average £45 per hour to do repairs. You could buy a new machine for the end price! The only option is to replace the blade set (top and bottom) this is quite an easy job to do on most hedgecutters and can costs from as little as only £40.00 for a new blade set depending on manufacturer, size etc etc.

    Check out for spare parts and just drop them a message if you can not see your particular model listed.

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